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1B: Choose the correct major, a legit school & the right degree

You can do anything, and be anything if someone helps you!

School may not be your thing, so you may want to start your own business, click here to learn how to BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS! However, being an Entrepreneur does not mean that you do not need an education.

After choosing a 21st century career field, it is time to choose a college major related to that career field, and the proper college degree. Speak to an academic adviser, and let them know the career field that you are interested in, and then ask her, or him, these 4 questions:

  • Do I need a college degree for this career field. If the answer is yes, then ask…
  • “If I need a degree, what major, and which type of degree do I need, an Associate’s or Bachelors? If you need a degree, then you must also ask,
  • Is this school strong in the major that I need? How do you know if a school is “strong,” in your major? The career services staff has plenty of connections for internships, and jobs, in your field. So logically, the next step is to?
  • Ask your adviser to connect you with their career services staff immediately, get experience NOW, not later. 
  • Next, ask the career services staff, “Can you help me obtain internships so that I can gain experience while I am in school, and what is your employment rate?” Why? Because you are in school for one reason, a career.  

Do not choose a worthless major: 

Always choose a major connected to growing career fields. Why? Because as Catherine Conlan of explains, there are several college majors that are practically worthless, and here is a list of 7 of them: 7 Most underemployed majors. Here are 17 more college majors that according to Forbes 2017, may not be worth the time and money invested by students, (17 Majors that may cause you to struggle!)

  • Physical Education Teaching
  • Human Services
  • Illustration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Project Management
  • Radion/TV & Film Production
  • Studio Art
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Education
  • Human Development and Family Services
  • Creative Writing
  • Animal Science
  • Exercise Science
  • Health Sciences
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Theatre/Drama
  • Art History

This type of information is even more important for immigrants, and students of color. 

Words of caution for Students of Color, and Immigrants:

In this Washington Post article, Danielle Douglas-Gabriel describes how economic disparities are growing for both immigrants, and students of color. Why? Because both immigrants, and students of color often choose low-paying majors. Why? Because no one is telling them the truth: Racial economic disparities due to college majors. The result has been as Blake Ellis of CNN points out, increased poverty in many communities, and many college grads being forced to live at home with their parents after graduation: Half of college grads living off parents. By choosing a growing career field,  a major related to that growing field, and the proper degree, many social problems caused by our educational system can be solved. But, be careful, some colleges are scams.

Do not choose a school that will scam you: 

In this article by CNN Money in 2014, a degree from some colleges, and universities are worthless: Worthless college degrees. Be careful and choose a college with a reputation for success as documented by Roberto A. Ferdman: Colleges with highest paying starting salaries. If you are not sure, here is another article  about colleges who produce highly successful graduates: College starting salaries, Full list.


If you choose the correct career field, can you make as much as 4-year college graduates? Yes. I have had many students land $60,000 per year jobs with their Associate’s Degrees, and so can you. Associates Degree are the future as Lydia Dishman explained in an article for High paying community college degrees. Here is more information: Community College degrees are valuable. Always keep in mind that a 4 year degree can be worthless, and that you can get a high starting salary with an Associates Degree in a 21st century career field.

What if you cannot afford college? Look for FREE COLLEGES

Yes, there are FREE COLLEGES, contact them and ask them what you need to do in order to get admitted. Here is a list of free colleges: Free Colleges. As you will notice, there are no elite schools like the University of Chicago on that list, however, here is a link to the U of Chicago FREE college program called the, NO BARRIERS program: University of Chicago, No Barriers program. Lastly, here is a link for FREE TEXTBOOKS: FREE TEXTBOOKS.

Top college majors for 2016 and 2017

Conversely, here is a list of the best majors for people with either an Associate’s or Bachelors degree from 2016: (2016 Most Valuable Majors).  Here are some additional majors that Forbes recommends for those entering college in 2017:

  • General and Operations Managers, median pay $97,000
  • Data Scientist, median pay $128,000
  • Registered Nurse, median pay $67,000
  • Software Engineer, median pay $100,000
  • Medical Services Manager, median pay $94,000
  • Information Security Analyst, Median pay $90,000
  • Financial Advisor, median pay $89,000
  • Physical Therapist, median pay $84,000
  • Home Health Aide, median pay $21,000

Complete p. 29 of your Plan for Your Success workbook, then proceed to Step 2How to succeed academically

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