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2I-How to prepare for a speech/Prepare for a work presentation

How to prepare for and give a speech

Most students are surprised when they find out that you prepare for a speech the same way that you would prepare for writing a paper. You research the topic, know your audience, and follow the Star Wars method from 3H: How to write an A paper.

Giving a speech is just like writing, if you borrow someone else’s words then you must say something like, “Quoting Thomas Jefferson,” or, “As President Truman once said.” Never take credit for another person’s words. To be safe, always tell your own story, and use your own words to avoid plagiarism claims.


When giving a speech, always use 3X5 cards. Write down the 3-5 things that you plan to talk about on those cards. If you have followed the steps from 3H, you will be prepared. When you look down and see your flashcards, you should be able to remember what you wrote.


Practice your speech in a mirror, or to your pet, using your flashcards. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable. If you cannot remember all of your words, just write a little more on your flashcards so that you can look at them, and refresh yourself. More importantly, make eye contact with everyone in the room. Consider giving a speech as practice for a modern job interview. Most modern job interviews are group interviews, and you have to make everyone in the group feel comfortable with you. You do that by making eye contact with them, so practice making eye contact when you practice in the mirror, or with your pet.

COMPLETE P. 40-41 in the workbook then proceed to section 4, p. 41 of the workbook: Networking

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