2A-Tools for academic success

You can do anything, and be anything if someone helps you!

Every profession has their tools. Plumbers use wrenches, accountants use spreadsheets, lawyers use briefs, and athletes use various types of objects like pucks, helmets, and balls. As a student, you must consider it a job, a profession, and you need the best tools if you want to succeed.

Here are the tools that we recommend and why:

  • One Single Large three-ring binder. They call them Trapper Keepers, Zip Binders, etc..: One giant three-ring binder is best because it allows you to keep everything organized in one spot, to add new things – like handouts from your instructor, to remove old things – like old notes and to create sections like – HOMEWORK TO BE TURNED IN.
  • Pockets to go inside the binders. These pockets are needed to store homework, and to store loose papers so that the papers will not fall out and get lost.
  • 8.5 by 11 inch loose leaf paper, narrow or college-ruled, whatever you prefer. Do not use spiral notebooks because they do not give you the ability to add and remove things.
  • Pens, #2 Pencils, and Highlighters. Number 2 pencils are important because many teachers like to use, “Fill in the circle,” aka “Scan-tron tests,” and those machines typically can only read #2 lead. Please note that highlighters are important, but are not for highlighting in your book. Each highlighter will represent a different class subject and will be used to mark the dates when things are due for a particular class. For example, a Red highlighter represents Math, Blue represents, English, and Yellow, represents Science. If you have an English paper due on a Friday, September 3rd at 11:00 am…then there should be a blue line on September 3rd at 11am. Likewise, if you also have a science project due that day at 3:00 pm, then you will also have a Yellow line on that date at 3:00 pm.
  • One Weekly/Monthly Planner that we will call your “Academic Calendar.” It is a book that can be purchased in the “office supply” section at any discount store, or office store. It is to be carried with you, so that you can keep track of all of your assignments, and never miss a due date, and to keep track of assignments, tests, papers, and projects.
  • 3 by 5 flashcards. Flashcards are vital for improving memory. They were invaluable to me as I learned those various languages.
  • Here is a link for Free College Textbooks if you meet the requirements: Free College Textbooks.

Read p. 30 and 31 of the workbook, then proceed to p. 32: Time management is the key to success

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