2C-Know your learning style(s)

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Nobody learns the way you do. Our individual learning styles, or how we learn, varies from person to person. Knowing your learning style is vital to both your academic, and professional success. Below is an introduction to the 5 learning styles followed by a video. Watch the video, take notes and figure out which learning style(s) best describes you:

  1. Reader and Writers – they learn better when the material is presented in writing.
  2. Visual learners – they learn better when the material is presented in a video, graph, or chart.
  3. Auditory learners – they learn better from listening in class or to recordings.
  4. Tactile/Kinesthetic learners – they learn better from being engaged with the subject matter, and using their hands.
  5. Environmental learners – these types of learners benefit from studying in a certain type of environment.

Learning styles video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_bQUSFzLI4, please keep in mind that you may have more than one learning style, and that is normal.

Stay on p. 33 and click here: How to learn more while in class

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