2D- The BIG 3, How to learn more while in class

You can do anything, and be anything if someone helps you!

In the Plan for Your Success: What Century Do You Live In? workbook, and in section 3C, there are three Ivy Tech academic success rules, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze. This section is about the bronze rule, “The more you learn in class, the less time you have to use for studying after class.” So how do you learn more while in class? Focus on the BIG 3:

  1. What is the TOPIC of the Day? What is the teacher talking about?
  2. Example(s) or problem(s) to be solved.
  3. Instructions, rules, steps, or solution for the problem to be solved. Knowing the steps is how you SHOW YOUR WORK! Show the steps you took to get to the answer.

That is it. Those are the BIG 3. Leave every class knowing what the main topic was, the examples that were used/problems to be solved, and the instructions for solving those problems.


Do the problems in section 3 of the workbook. In addition, go to Kahn Academy and watch the video about how to Divide Fractions and write them as mixed numbers. Use the video to practice this note taking format: Kahn Academy, how to divide fractions. Likewise, here is a video about Conjunctive Adverbs, follow the same process: Conjunctive Adverbs. YOUTUBE has video’s for virtually any topic.


  1. Topic of the Day

  2. Examples given, problems to be solved, formulas, diagrams, etc…

  3. Instructions/Rules/Steps related to the example/topic. What are all of the steps?

    • Then write down every step and make them as easy as possible for you to understand

  4. Repeat this process for every topic and lastly, handwrite and transfer the BIG 3 onto 3X5 flashcards.

Stay on p. 33 and click here: How to remember more of what you learned in class

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