2E-How to remember more of what you learned in class, BIG 3

You can do anything, and be anything if someone helps you!

How to remember more of what you learn in class, focus on the Big 3. Topic, examples and instructions/steps/rules.

  • Make sure that you have the BIG 3 in your notes, and then transfer them to your 3×5 flashcards. Ste 3 is vital, remember these words, SHOW YOUR WORK, show the teacher how you got the answer.
  • Create all flashcards within 24 hours of reading something, or within 24 hours of class, and read them out loud as often as possible.
  • After creating the flashcards, read them out loud in order to make sure that you clearly understand the materials.
  • How do you know when you know it and can stop studying it? Remember the Silver Rule: “If you can teach it to someone else, then you  know it.”
  • Apply the 15/15/15 strategy. Review your flashcards for 15 minutes as soon as you wake up, 15 minutes before dinner, and again, 15 minutes before bed, 6 or 7 days per week.
  • In your weekly schedule, dedicate one full hour, one day per week to homework. Homework time is IN ADDITION to the 15/15/15 strategy.
  • Lastly, ALWAYS supplement your learning. If you can, watch YOUTUBE videos, or listen to recordings of the subjects that you need to know for an exam. The smart kids always get extra help.

This practice will help you remember more of what you read and learned in class.

Stay on p. 33 of the workbook and click here: How to read faster

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