2G-How to write A papers & work memo’s

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Writing papers, and work memo’s is a lot easier than you think, of course, it begin with the BIG 3, but with a twist called, The Star Wars Method.  However, the #1 rule when writing a school paper is to FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! Start every school paper by following the directions precisely.

Next, when writing a paper, essay, or work email/memo, ORGANIZE your thoughts using the Star Wars Method. What is it? Here watch this Star Wars trailer, and then follow the steps below: Star Wars Method. Please note, this video may not show on your phone, but please watch the opening to Star Wars.

First, choose a topic and give it a title that will tell the reader what you plan to talk about. For example, the movie Star Wars. What does the title tell you? The title says that the movie is about a War, where? In space/in the stars.

Second, as you saw in the Star Wars trailer above. After the title, there is a paragraph that describes what the movie will be about. Your paper, essay, email, or work email should use the same format. Start with a clear title, and a clearly written introductory paragraph.

Third, after the introductory paragraph, the movie starts at scene 1, then 2, then 3, etc…When you begin writing your paper/email/essay, do the same thing, start at #1, then proceed to #2 and so on. Keep your thoughts organized in this precise format.

For example:

  1. The title of my paper is: Cats
  2. I plan to tell you 5 things about why cats make the best pets.
    1. Cats are clean,
    2. Cats are neat,
    3. Cats do not need baby sitters,
    4. Cats purr instead of bark, and
    5. Cats are fun.
  3. Cats are clean because they use a litter box and they bathe themselves all the time…..Cats are neat because they do not destroy things, etc….

Fourth, EDIT, EDIT, EDIT.  Proof read, read your paper, email or essay out loud and make sure that it makes sense. If it does not make sense to you, then it will not make sense to anyone else, so edit it to make sure it makes sense and sounds good.

Last, but not least, remember to CITE. What is citing? It is a REQUIREMENT. It is when you document where you found any words that are not yours. With modern software your teacher can check cites as far back as the Stone Age, so be honest at all times and, tell them where you found the words you use. If you need help citing just look it up. For example, if you are using the APA Style, or American Psychological Association style, then follow these rules: Cornell University, APA Citing Rules.

Stay on p. 33 of the workbook and click here: How to prepare for and give a speech

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