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The best GPA in your kids school does not matter if she, or he, does not score well on the SAT or ACT. You cannot afford not to have private tutoring.

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20 individual 1 hour sessions, $300

40 individual 1 hour sessions, $500

60 individual 1 hour sessions, $800

Why is private tutoring so important?

Over half of all college graduates with 4 year degrees do not have jobs, as a result, banks such as Fifth Third, are offering job training scholarships in order to help them find jobs: Fifth Third Bank Scholarship.  Why are banks giving scholarships to unemployed college grads? Because success in the 21st century does not require a 4 year degree.  The reality is that most 4 year degree holders should have gotten an Associates Degree, or Industry Driven Certificate, as documented in this video: Success in the New Economy.

Why are many 4 year degrees are worthless as documented by Megan McArdle in Newsweek Magazine, back in 2012?: Is college a lousy investment?  Because there are no jobs in those fields and most 4 year degrees cost too much, some cost as much as $200,000: Student loan debt crisis in America. More importantly, kids from the Middle Class are not finishing college and still have all of that debt as documented by Tami Luhby, of CNN Money: Middle Class Kids don’t finish college. Because of this student loan debt crisis, and the fact that most middle class kids do not finish college, some colleges like the University of Chicago, and many others as discussed in 1B of this website, are offering Free Tuition to some students: University of Chicago, No Barriers program.

However, even with a free 4 year degree, there are no jobs for certain college majors as documented in CNN Money by Katie Lobosco: No jobs for college graduates. Our goal at TAPS Academics is to help solve this problem. We help our clients develop their very own, Plan for Success by guiding them towards growing career fields first, and then creating a plan for success from there using our workbook: Plan for Your Success workbook, and this website. By following our advice, you will find that you have a much better chance of success. Best wishes, TAPS Academics.

If you have already ordered your workbook, please proceed to STEP 1: Step 1, Find a 21st century career

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