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Testimonial 1:

Subject: My New Job

I want to say thank you for the workbook and helping me create my PCSP, my personal career success plan. I applied for a job a few weeks after class ended, at the hospital, using the formats for the cover letter and resume. I got a call the next day and am now employed.

Thank again,
Brittney Ziemniak, April 30, 2014

Testimonial 2:

Subject: My Academic Success

Dear Professor Credit, 

I am writing this today to thank you for the time you spent with me after class! I was struggling significantly in a class that I was thrown into when I was 16 weeks behind everyone else. Basic Power Fluids is a course that should’ve followed 8 weeks of Basic Math and 8 weeks of Basic Electricity. Unfortunately, I was given this class my very first semester of college!

Professor Credit, you stayed with me after you taught a class based upon The Big 3. I wanted to learn how to apply this method in the basic power fluids class. I was barely holding onto a C average! However, the day before my midterm exam, I sat with you and learned how to use the big 3; how to take proper notes, how to organize those notes, and lastly how to learn the information based upon my independent learning style. You taught me how to study. You showed me that I could do it!

Professor Credit, you gave me the knowledge and the confidence that I so desperately needed. I passed that midterm with a 94%!!!!! Success in Student Technology is the key to being a successful and accomplished student. Thank you professor for giving me the tools that I desperately needed to succeed! This class changed my life!

Honored to Be Your Student,

Blisse Chambers, March 3, 2017

Testimonial 3:

Hi Tony, I just wanted to thank you for coming to our class yesterday. Your lecture was amazing, and I received a lot of positive feedback.  I think you made a difference in their lives.

Thanks again, 

Jason, Faculty, Ivy Tech Community College

Testimonial 4:

Subject: TAPS learning styles presentation

It should be part of each child’s assessment early on to determine their learning style.  Knowing how you learn is the foundation of being successful.  Sadly, schools don’t have the funding and teachers don’t have the time or freedom to help their students figure out their learning styles.  Today school boards and administrators are all wrapped up in test scores and have lost track of real learning.  Teachers would LOVE to have the freedom back to let kids explore and enjoy learning.  When everyone has to be on the same page at the same time, there is no time for that.  Only the kids that fit in the middle of the cookie cutter are truly serviced. 

The kids that need more time (many because they aren’t able to be taught in their learning style) and the highly capable kids fall through the cracks.  They check out.  The kids that need more time feel stupid, lose confidence and give up.  The highly capable kids are bored out of their minds and have no challenge.  If only those in charge of how we educate our children would stop thinking about the money aspect of things and start paying attention to the needs of our children, the world would be a better place.”….T. Taylor, Elementary School Teacher

Testimonial 5:

Subject: Learning Styles

“It would have been extremely helpful to know my learning style while in school.  I believe if schools spent more time learning student’s individual learning styles, there would be less frustrated students.  They do assessments for special needs children to find what their learning styles are, and I believe an assessment for every student would be beneficial.  Had I known my learning style, I might have done better in school and continued my education past high school instead of just wanting to be done with school.” P. Lee, Post Secondary Faculty Member

Testimonial 6:

Subject: My new job

Professor Credit,

I was in your class last semester, the first eight weeks, I was one of the older students in your class. With some of the soft skills and resume help that you gave me, I was able to obtain a much better job.

My New job is still in my old field of work, but you helped me gain the skills and confidence to sell myself to a company that works with heavy machinery, and needed someone with my specific electrical skill set. Even thought I don’t have experience dealing with their specific machinery, they are working with me on my weaknesses while I do what they hired me to do. 

Your class (and workbook) helped train the younger fresh out of school generation, while giving excellent advice to people like me. You helped me with resumes, cover letters, soft skills, even handshakes. I cannot think of a teacher in my life who has ever seemed to care about his students as much as you did. 

Ivy Tech wouldn’t like this, but I now make a base pay of 60k, and I can get overtime on top of that. I do have an associates degree in automotive technology from Ivy Tech, and a decade of real experience. Thank you for the real world type of training.

Thank you for actually caring. 

Ian M.,….February 8, 2017

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